Sizing Chart/FAQ



These  Yooper Chooks are a full and generous hat, made of a fleece that stretches some.

To measure easily, wrap a string around your head across the top of your eyebrows. Measure the string.

This is how these hats will circle your head. Since the fleece stretches a bit, the fit is up to whether you want a snug fit, or not. 

Small 19-20 inches (Usually fits the toddlers, not babies, but I've seen babies with some big noggins. It's a judgment call on your part, if you don't have the head measurement available.)

Medium 21-22 inches ( Usually the five to ten year olds. If your head is on the small size for an adult, then medium might be the one, if you don't have the measurement available.)

Large 23-24 inches (Fits about 80-85% of adult noggins, men and women)

Extra Large 24-26 inches (If one likes to wear a brimmed ball cap under their chook, then this works really well with the Extra Large.)



 Every Yooper Chook has the hidden face band in the crown. 

Every Yooper Chook has some stretch to the fabric. Some fleece is stretchier than others, so those are listed as such on their descriptions.


Yooper Chooks look great with your logo on them too. 


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help.